Cécile David-Weill

Parents Under the Influence Are we condemned to repeat our parents' education? Publication date : October 12, 2016

Cécile David-Weill is a novelist, mother and grandmother. She wrote Femme de… ("Wife Of…"), Les Prétendants ("The Pretenders") and Chroniques de New York ("New York Chronicles"), published by Grasset. She lives in Paris.
Understanding our own childhood leads to better education.
What is the influence of one's own childhood on education that we provide? Are we condemned to reproduce the education that we ourselves received? How can we succeed in the education of our own children?
Hasn't everyone, at some time or another, surprised themselves by unwittingly reproducing the attitude of their own parents, even repeating the same words? Some feel it is natural to pass on what they see as a legacy. This is quite different for those who have suffered through behaviour that they fear reproducing with their own children.
These are the parents to whom this book is addressed. To those who have decided to do the opposite of their parents, and to those who do not know how to do otherwise. And to all those who have the feeling that they might not manage, despite their best intentions.
Many examples of situations that allow us to understand how to manage from day to day, to free ourselves from our own childhood and to be as fair as possible in the role of parent.