Steve Masson

Understanding the Brain to Better Learn and Teach Neuroeducation Publication date : March 18, 2020

Steve Masson is professor at the Université du Québec in Montreal, where he directs the research lab in neuroeducation. He is one of the only neuroscientists in the world to have taught in primary and secondary schools before heading a research lab. His approach to the brain is thus experience-based and focused on strategies to facilitate learning. He is the recipient of the Prix Pat Clifford of the Association Canadienne d’Éducation for his work combining neuroscience and education.
Supported by more than a hundred fascinating studies of the brain and learning, this book proposes seven concrete principles, presented simply with many applicable examples, to help each of us learn and develop our potential.

Here, students will find strategies to better succeed in school, and parents a clear and precise method to support their children in their studies. And teachers and instructors will find specific suggestions to improve their courses and their instruction.