Jeanne Siaud-Facchin

What Keeps Children from Doing Well at School? Recovering the Joy of Learning Publication date : September 16, 2015

Jeanne Siaud-Facchin is a clinicalpsychologist and the founder of Cogito’Z, the first centres in France (inMarseille, Avignon and Paris), for the diagnosis and treatment of children withlearning difficulties. A recognised specialist in issues concerning giftedchildren, she is notably the author of the highly successful L’Enfant surdoué (100,000 copies sold inFrance) and Trop intelligent pour êtreheureux (140,000 copies). She is the creator of an innovative programme ofmindfulness meditation, for children and adolescents, known as ‘Mindful Up’. Herlatest book, Tout est là, juste là, isbased on ‘Mindful Up’ and was highly successful with professionals and parents.

What keeps children from succeedingacademically? And what sort of success are we talking about? Most children wantto succeed and most parents want their children to be happy.  Jeanne Siaud-Facchin argues here that whenfaced with children’s difficulties there is only one solution: understandingthe problem (learning disorders, affective problems, attention deficit) inorder to overcome it. In addition, there is growing pressure placed on increasinglyyounger children to succeed academically — with the consequent fuelling ofanxiety.
It is therefore essential tocorrectly identify the nature of the child’s difficulties, in order to help himeffectively recover his inner resources. Too many conflicting opinions oftencloud the issues when it comes to education, but the priority here is to helpchildren who are in pain and to set them on the path of fulfilment and success.

This book urges parents andprofessionals not just to discover the child’s cognitive and/or affectivedifficulties, but also the underlying mechanisms, and to draw on theneurosciences to understand a number of questions: what to do, how to provideeffective help, how to behave and how to really guide the child on the path ofhis or her own life. Specific and pragmatic, this work offers useful tools tohelp every child for whom school is a place of suffering to find the path tosuccess.

• Allof Jeanne Siaud-Facchin’s books have been bestsellers and sales keep rising.

•This book provides the keys to enable children to achieve academic success.

•This is a new, completely updated edition of Aider l’enfant en difficulté scolaire.