Boris Cyrulnik

A Marvellous Misfortune Publication date : February 1, 2002

'We have always marvelled at children who triumph over immense difficulties and, despite them, succeed in making a life for themselves. Unhappiness is never unadulterated, but neither is happiness.
'There is one word that allows us to organise the way we understand the mystery surrounding those who pull through successfully. That word is 'resilience', and it designates the capacity to succeed, live and develop in the face of adversity.
'When we understand that, we will change the way we perceive things and, regardless of suffering, we will search for what is marvellous,' writes Boris Cyrulnik.

Boris Cyrulnik heads a research team in clinical etholgy at the Hospital of Toulon-La-Seyne, France. He is the author of several books published by Editions Odile Jacob, including Les Nourritures affectives (1993), L'Ensorcellement du monde (1997) and Les Vilains Petits Canards (2001), which were all best-sellers.