Willy Pasini

The Arms of Seduction Publication date : May 31, 2012

A psychiatrist, sexologist and psychotherapist, Willy Pasini is the author of more than fifteen acclaimed, highly successful books, including À quoi sert le couple? (which sold 50,000 copies), La Force du désir (30,000 copies) and, more recently, Les Nouveau Comportements sexuels (20,000 copies).

“Let’s discover the seductiveness that lies in us. Let’s make room for seduction as a meeting with the Other. This is an attitude that should be rediscovered and valorised, an experience that will offer us deeply felt emotions, while at the same time revealing our symbolic inner world,” writes Willy Pasini.
Seduction plays a fundamental role in daily life, informing our relations with others. Its mechanisms accompany us and influence us in numerous private and professional situations.
This book guides the reader through various seductive mechanisms and shows how to distinguish authentic seduction from the lies and traps laid out for us by false seduction. We are all capable of seducing without allowing ourselves to be deceived, if we just follow some simple rules.
Here is Willy Pasini’s new book, which his many loyal readers have been impatiently waiting for.