Willy Pasini

Be Self-Confident Publication date : May 7, 2004

Feeling self-confident means being capable of developing projects for the future and knowing how to “push” events towards success for one’s self. But it also means being capable of living at peace with one’s self. In this book, Willy Pasini explains exactly how self-confidence develops. The book was highly popular in Italy. What is the role played by parents, friends and the first experience of love? What is the significance of minor setbacks and major accomplishments? What is the influence of the way we perceive our own bodies? What leads us to self-sabotage? What can be done instead to enhance our feelings of inner security? This is an essential work which should help readers calmly set out on the road to happiness.

Willy Pasini is a psychotherapist and teaches psychiatry and psychology at the University of Geneva. He is the author of A quoi sert le couple? and the recent Le Courage de changer.