Gaëtan Cousin, Konstantin Büchler

Calm Down Or, How to Fight Against Inner Agitation Publication date : March 16, 2022

Gaëtan Cousin is a psychologist. He has worked with the research team of Dr. Mark Williams in the department of psychiatry at Oxford University in England.
Konstantin Büchler is a philosopher. With a diploma from the Université de Lausanne, he is the author of many articles on ethics and has participated in many events focusing on stoicism and its contemporary relevance.

How can we introduce more calm into our existence? How can we develop that feeling of inner peace that alone can fully mend us?

We often complain about stress, but paradoxically do everything we can to cultivate it by creating situations in our lives that are most likely to stress us. Why? Because we are very ambivalent with regard to calm. We want it as much as we fear it. The source of this paradox is no doubt our fear of boredom. But not just that…

In their incisive, compassionate book, filled with texts by famous philosophers and writers on calm, Gaëtan Cousin, a clinical psychologist, and Konstantin Büchler, a philosopher, combine their knowledge and their expertise to show us how to uproot agitation and experience true states of inner serenity.