Jérôme Palazzolo, Christophe Pinna

Coach Your Own Life Publication date : September 27, 2007

In sports, coaches train their teams by encouraging players' motivation and by guiding them so that each team member gives his or her best. Training is highly specialised and must target both the mind and the body, but it is the mind that makes the real difference.

When an important occasion arises in the day-to-day course of events, some players deal with it without any major difficulty; others reach the goals set at the cost of immense effort; others fail or give up before the end.

How can sports discipline inspire us to surpass ourselves in our personal and professional lives? How can we give ourselves the means to express our potential to the utmost, and in harmony with our own deep motivations? If we wish to change the direction of our lives, how should we go about it, what should we do?

Step by practical step, readers are told how to adapt this process of change to their own lives, in order to find harmony and realise their dreams.

While the value of the techniques described here is fully recognised in high-level sports, and while the need to develop players' mental capacities is widely accepted among sports trainers, the use of coaching to enhance the lives of ordinary men and women has yet to be recognised. “Life coaching” has become fashionable, but amidst a plethora of self-proclaimed specialists in personal development, it is often difficult to assess the profession. The authors' goal is to help readers make more informed choices.

This book brings together the knowledge and insight of a practising mental health professional, who is fully conversant with scientifically approved therapeutic techniques, and a well-known sports champion who is also a respected coach.

Coaching is the practice of assisting individuals or teams. This book is addressed to managers as well as to anyone wishing to redefine and achieve personal goals.

Jérôme Palazzolo is a medical psychiatrist specialising in psychopharmacology and in cognitive and behavioural therapies. He teaches at Senghor International University (Alexandria, Egypt) and at the University of Nice, and is the author of numerous works on psychology.

Christophe Pinna is the sports coach for the French television show “Star Academy”. A karate world champion, he was formerly the coach for the French karate team. He now teaches competition karate all over the world and works as a personal trainer. His clients include numerous sports, business and show-business celebrities.