Frédéric Fanget

Daring life together Publication date : March 18, 2010

What makes a happy, lasting couple? What makes love endure without turning sour? What makes a couple remain life-long lovers and not turn into strangers, or even enemies?

To enable us to understand and resolve the difficulties that couples encounter Frédéric Fanget presents here a radically new but simple and productive model: 1 + 1 = 3.

According to this model, “1” represents a partner and “3” symbolises the couple, which is greater than the sum of its parts. The relationship — a unique entity created by both partners — will enable each individual, as well as the couple, to grow, become stronger and progress.

Fanget's “1 + 1 = 3” also includes the method known as “shared empathy”, which allows couples to reverse the spiral of resentment and indifference and to initiate a positive movement. “Shared empathy” means learning to see the positive aspects of one's partner when problems arise in a relationship.

Although the problems may be caused by either one of the partners, or by the relationship itself, the solution must be found by both partners working together as a couple.

The author provides guidelines to help couples dare to believe that change is possible, to dare to make a commitment and proclaim they are a couple, and to dare to be an imperfect couple.

A book that will give couples renewed confidence.

• A new concept of the couple.

• The author explains what to do to allow love to grow and develop and how to form a relationship in which each partner can find fulfilment.

• Following the success of his earlier books, Frédéric Fanget develops the notion of “shared empathy”, a new, more flexible form of self-confidence, adapted to couples.

Frédéric Fanget, a medical psychiatrist and psychotherapist, teaches at the University of Lyon-1. He is the author of the highly successful Oser. Thérapie de la confiance en soi, Affirmez-vous ! Pour mieux vivre avec les autres and Toujours mieux ! Psychologie du perfectionnisme.