Bruno Humbeeck

How We Choose Romantic Partners Publication date : April 28, 2015

Bruno Humbeeck is an educational psychologist, specialising in couple and family relationships. He is the author of, most notably, the very successful Un chagrin d’amour peut aider à grandir, published by Editions Odile Jacob. For the past five years, he has hosted a Belgian television programme, ‘Une Education presque parfaite’, which has enabled him to broadcast to a wide audience his innovative approach to educational psychology.

Why do we fall in love? What prompts us to love one person rather than another? What motivates our choices? How does choosing a life partner differ from pursuing a momentary desire?
Every relationship begins and develops according to a mysterious construction, and it is prompted by complex and mainly unconscious criteria. In this book, Bruno Humbeeck explores the four unconscious forces — biological, psychological, social and imaginary — that influence us when choosing a lover.

• Illustrated with numerous examples of romantic relationships, accompanied by clear analyses of how the unconscious impacts our choice of partners.
• Whether you’re attached, unattached or on the brink of making a commitment, the questionnaires and explanations provided here will enable you to understand the unconscious factors that determine your choice of partner.
• Included here is a series of specific, scientifically proven tools to help readers consciously understand and assess their own relationships.