Alain Braconnier, Éric Albert

It's All in the Head Emotion, Stress, Action Publication date : April 1, 1997

What makes us run ? How can we understand frustration, irritation, anger, loss of control - all part of everyday life ? And what allows us, on the contrary, to confront situations - even the most surprizing and painful - with serenity and go on to succeed ? How can we best use our knowledge and our know-how ?It isn't enough to say "it's all in your head" or "it's psychological". Eric Albert and Alain Braconnier here lay down the basis of a veritable "psychology of everyday life". It aims to allow each of us to conciliate aspirations and emotions, personal satisfaction and good relationships with others, stress and efficiency. And answers the question : how can we best lead our lives on an everyday basis ?Alain Braconnier is a psychiatrist and teaches at the University of Paris V. He is also Director of the Alfred-Binet Center (Paris) and has published le Sexe des émotions (The Sex of Emotions) at Odile Jacob in 1994.Eric Albert is a psychiatrist and corporate consultant. He is the author, among others, of Comment devenir un bon stressé (How to Become Positively Stressed) published with Editions Odile Jacob, 1994.