Alain Braconnier, Éric Albert

It's All in the Head Emotion, Stress, Action Publication date : April 1, 2001

Some of us experience frustration, irritation, anger and oversights on a daily basis: how should these feelings be understood? Yet we are also capable of facing unexpected and difficult situations calmly, and of carrying out our projects. How can we make the best use of our knowledge and our skills?
It is not enough to say that “it’s all in the head” or that it’s all “psychological”. In this book, Éric Albert and Alain Braconnier lay the foundations for the psychology of daily life, which should enable the reader to reconcile aspirations and emotions, personal satisfaction and relations with others, stress and effectiveness, and to answer the question: How should we lead our lives from day to day?

Éric Albert is a psychiatrist and company consultant. He is the author of L’Anxiété and Comment Devenir un Bon Stressé (Editions Odile Jacob, 1990, 1994).

Alain Braconnier is a psychiatrist and director of the Centre Alfred-Binet, in Paris. He teaches at the University of Paris V and is the author of Le Sexe des Émotions and L’Adolescence aux Mille Visages (Editions Odile Jacob, 1996, 1998).