Sophie Morin

Live Better at Work Focused advice for a better life at work Publication date : March 1, 2017

Sophie Morin is a psychotherapist, occupational psychologist and occupational risk prevention worker, trained in short-term therapies and cognitive-behavioral therapies.
Targeted advice to live better at work
Today, the employee is increasingly called upon to adapt to changes in work organization, job description, geographical mobility, and to the stress generated by this activity.
In this context of increasing stress, it is essential to have tools and operational advice to be able to deal with multiple constraints while maintaining personal balance and efficiency. Especially since the employee often adds to the pressure with personal injunctions — "Be perfect", "You're too slow", "Be strong"…
How do we learn to limit the risk of conflict and burnout? The tools of cognitive and behavioral psychology offer solutions that can be adapted in the professional setting: self-affirmation, knowing how to deal with one's emotions so as not to lose self-confidence. This is what this book offers: based on examples from real-life situations, backed up with tests and questionnaires, it explains how to develop emotional intelligence within a company setting.