Charles-Édouard Rengade, Frédéric Fanget

Living With and Overcoming Impulsiveness Publication date : September 29, 2011

Charles-Edouard Rengade is a physician psychiatrist and addictologist specialising in psychotherapies that deal with aggressive behaviour. He teaches notably at the University of Lyon I.
Frédéric Fanget is a physician psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He teaches at the University of Lyon I and is the author of such highly successful books as Affirmez-vous!, Oser. Thérapie de la confiance en soi, Toujours mieux! Psychologie du perfectionnisme and Oser la vie à deux.

Impulsiveness, a positive quality in certain situations, can come to be regarded as annoying, akin to hostility and anger. But, like all forms of behaviour, it can be measured, evaluated, understood and corrected by the person who suffers from it. How recurrent does impulsive behaviour have to become to be considered problematic? To what extent can impulsiveness become an illness? How does it relate to how we manage our emotions?
This book, which will empower readers to take charge of their health, offers the necessary practical information to understand one’s impulsiveness and the therapeutic advice to deal with it directly. As with other forms of behaviour, impulsiveness can be controlled and we can all learn to manage it ourselves.

• A new series of books dealing with health issues from a medical and psychological angle.
• Although this is a common character flaw, it is rarely treated.