Rébecca Shankland

The powers of gratitude A little thank-you can go a long way Publication date : September 7, 2016

Rebecca Shankland is a psychologist and conference leader at Université Grenoble Alpes, where she is Director of the Positive Psychology University Diploma course. Her research is based on the mechanisms and the effects of interventions in positive psychology and full volition in the domains of education, of organisations and of psychotherapy. She has published several works in this area of research.

A little thank-you can go a long way

To feel gratitude towards others, and beyond that to recognise the gifts that we are dealt, is not only a quality, nor merely an agreeably transitory emotion. Gratitude constitutes a veritable driver of durable well-being for those who wish to encourage it to flourish by tending it on a daily basis.
This practice brings huge benefits to the self but also to those around us, whether it be in daily life at work or even, in the case of children, at school.
Why would one wish to develop gratitude further? How does one cultivate this predisposition to feeling grateful?
This work invites you to discover the powers of gratitude in explaining the mechanisms which combine to make it an essential ingredient in well-being.