Tobie Nathan

The Secrets of your Dreams Publication date : September 7, 2016

Tobie Nathan is one of most important practitioners of ethnopsychiatry. He has been professor of clinical psychology and pathology at the University of Paris-VIII and director of the Centre Georges-Devereux, author of such successes as "A New Interpretation of Dreams", "The Healing Influence", "Love Filter" or "Pagan Psychoanalysis".
Illustrations by Eloise Oddos

After the immense success of his work "A New Interpretation of Dreams" (circulation 50,000 copies), here is a modern manual of dream analysis.
Tobie Nathan goes further still into his exploration of dreams: basing himself in modern application of neuroscience, he offers us 35 masterly and unexpected interpretations of dreams presented to him. The book writes itself in front of our eyes as he reveals the feeling of recurrent dreams, such as dreams of anguish, of examinations and nudity, of metamorphosis…

This book also offers an original vision of the secondary function of the dream: it shows that the dream is in no way reconstruction of the past, but it's always an attempt to imagine new solutions, far from our usual way of thinking.
For Tobie Nathan, every dream is the prediction and preconstruction of the future. And it is therefore of the utmost importance that we learn to interpret their message.