Bernard Geberowicz

The Seven Virtues of Relationships A Special Alchemy Publication date : February 18, 2015

Alain Geberowicz is a psychiatrist and psychologist specialising in family and couples therapy.

What makes love last in a relationship? How to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of life with a partner? And, especially, how not to get to the point of having to ask: ‘What did we do to end up like this? Why are we on the brink of breaking up?’
Drawing on many years’ experience as a couples therapist, Alain Geberowicz offers advice and guidelines to enable readers to improve their relationship with their partner, without necessarily undergoing therapy.
It is widely known that more and more couples break up — and that they break up after an increasingly shorter time. But do we know that relationships require work? Do we know the difference between a passing crisis and a definitive split?
Asking the right questions at the right time, talking about your relationship with your partner when things are going badly but also when everything seems fine, in order to strengthen the relationship, overcome difficulties and cultivate intimacy: these are some of the virtues needed to ensure that a relationship will last and remain loving.

• A survival kit for a lasting relationship: staying together, understanding each other and communicating.
• The role of sexuality: a game, not an issue.
• Analysis of friendly and unfriendly factors impacting a relationship (friends, jobs, family).
• Included here are all the topics encountered in couples therapy.