Marie-Claude Gavard

Sixty Ways to Make Your Relationship a Success Publication date : January 20, 2011

Marie-Claude Gavard, the author of 60 Réponses pour être heureux, is a psychiatric physician, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst with more than 20 years’ experience in couple therapy and the treatment of adult depression. She has developed a dynamic method to know oneself and to know others.

In 60 points, the author explains how to rebuild a solid relationship.
In many cases, character traits, developed in childhood, harden into rigid attitudes: lack of self-confidence, mistrust, anger. Besides poor communication, there may be a relative ignorance of how one’s partner functions. Misinterpretations, discussions at cross-purposes and a failure to exchange ideas ultimately wear out many couples. So before allowing such ordinary situations to create major obstacles and destroy the relationship, the core issues must be dealt with and explanations and solutions found, so that changes can be made, gradually and smoothly. Sometimes, all that is needed to heal a relationship is to see it in a new light or utter a few crucial words. This book proposes:

• Greater mutual understanding: review your own expectations and your partner’s; learn to manage different rhythms, ages; understand and make yourself understood by your partner; learn to say “no” kindly and respectfully; spend quality time together.
• Learning how to face problems: virtual relationships, blame, depression, disagreements about childrearing; money; lies; infidelity, etc.
• Presenting a united front, as a couple, when dealing with others: children, in-laws, stepchildren in reconstituted families.