Chantal Joffrin Le Clerc

A Little Sadness, or Severe Depression? Knowing When to See a Shrink Publication date : November 2, 2017

Chantal Joffrin is a psychiatrist. She is notably the co-author, with Franck Lamagnère, of the bestselling Je n’ai plus peur du jugement des autres [I’m No Longer Afraid of the Judgement of Others].
A teenager who is losing weight: is it a diet before bathing suit season, or the beginning of anorexia? A spouse who spends money uncontrollably: sudden great generosity, or a manic episode? An aging parent whose memory is declining: the effects of age, or the beginning of dementia?

Because we love those close to us, it is natural to be concerned, if the occasion arises, when we notice behavior that changes, appears excessive, or is unusual.

Within a general context of a normalization of psychiatric vocabulary (today we are all a bit manic, depressed, even schizophrenic!), how can we determine what is truly serious and what isn’t, or is less so? And what are the signs that must immediately lead one to seek help?