Raphaël Giachetti

Bipolar Disorder Explanations for sufferers and their families Publication date : October 5, 2016

Raphaël Giachetti is a clinical psychiatrist at Toulouse, a specialist and educator in bipolar disorder. In 2006 he took part in developing psycho-educational courses for bipolar patients.

Previously known as "manic depression", bipolar disorder affects many sufferers in France: more than that, it affects those around them. The two million diagnosed sufferers live alternating highs and lows, depression and mania, despair and exultation, sometimes with serious consequences to those close to them.
Modern medicine allows a better understanding of the causes of these troubles, and allows us to identify them more effectively so they are not confused with other forms of disturbance.
This work is intended to familiarise families with bipolar disorder, in order to avoid the lack of understanding that can lead to the marginalisation of sufferers.