Claude Olievenstein

Drugs, Thirty Years Onwards Publication date : October 1, 2000

Thirty years after the publication of Il n'y a pas de Drogués Heureux, Claude Olievenstein recounts his exceptional career and summarises his current views on a number of social issues that have been his prime concern for many years: drugs, teenagers and the problems of the underprivileged living in housing projects.
Over the years, Dr. Olievenstein has actively helped many young people in serious difficulties. He shares with the reader his recent experiences as a medical doctor and suggests ways that young people can be helped to overcome their problems. This is a frank survey of society in state of crisis.

Claude Olievenstein is the head doctor at the Centre Médical Marmottan, in Paris, and a world-renowned specialist in the treatment of substance addiction. He is the author of Il n'y a pas de Drogués Heureux, Ecrit sur la Bouche, and the recent De la Naissance à la Vieillesse.