Caroline Huron

Dyspraxia: Motor coordination disorder Publication date : October 13, 2011

Caroline Huron is a psychiatrist and researcher in cognitive sciences working in the Cognitive Neuro-Imagery Laboratory directed by Stanislas Dehaene, at the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médical (Inserm). She has a young daughter with developmental motor coordination disorder (dyspraxia).

Motor coordination disorders such as dyspraxia affect 5 % of all children between the ages of 5 and 11. And yet this learning difficulty remains largely unknown. This book is addressed to the parents, teachers and doctors of children with dyspraxia.
What are the cognitive consequences? What should be done on receiving the diagnosis? How to help children with dyspraxia achieve the academic level that their intelligence warrants? How to help them at home?
The author makes use of her medical knowledge to understand the clinical aspects of dyspraxia, of her psychiatric competency to evoke the psychological problems encountered by both children and their parents, and of her skills as a cognitive scientist to understand and propose ways of remedying the difficulties the children have to face.

• The book offers solid scientific information to understand the pathology.
• It provides practical advice to help children with dyspraxia cope with their daily lives, at home and at school.