Christian Zaczyk

How To Maintain Good Relations with Others Publication date : May 15, 2008

 What should you do to maintain good relations with others? How should you deal with discord in your personal and your professional life?
Difficult relations create conflict, evasion, frustration and disturbed feelings that ultimately make life unpleasant.
Christian Zackzyk shows that, contrary to all expectations, conflict can help you develop both personally and in your relations with others.
Good conflict management requires that you should:
• Understand how you function. Several questionnaires are provided here to help you determine your personality type (are you impulsive, misleadingly calm, paranoiac, narcissistic, or a victim?)
• Step back, define the problem, learn to manage your anger and aggression with a few simple tools and some communication strategies and techniques.
This is a practical book containing concrete advice on a subject of general concern.

Christian Zackzyk is a psychiatrist and the author of L'’Agressivité au quotidien.