Thomas Langlois

I Hear Voices – So What? Living With One’s Voices and Auditory Hallucinations Publication date : June 5, 2019

 Thomas Langlois is a TCC [thérapies comportementales et cognitives – behavioral and cognitive therapies] therapeutic psychologist at the Centre hospitalier Gérard Marchant in Toulouse, and specializes in the treatment of patients suffering from chronic psychotic disorders.

Hearing voices: understanding and learning to live with them

Many people hear voices: they can simply be surprising or upsetting, but they are most often very stressful.

The goal of this guide is to enable the reader to help him or herself, and to offer clear and accessible explanations about the voices or auditory hallucinations that some people hear, as well as keys for learning how to live with them. The objective: make the voices disappear, calm them, or help to adapt to them, so that the person can say: “I hear voices – so what?!”

This book is therefore addressed both to people who hear voices, either suffering, or not, from psychiatric disorders, to family and friends who want to understand the phenomenon, to improve their everyday support; and to professionals who work with people with psychological issues who fall prey to voices that are difficult to overcome.

An enthralling book on a little-understood phenomenon, unique and very useful.