Howard Buten

Is There Somebody In? Through the Glass Wall: Journeys into the Closed-Off Worlds of the Autistic Publication date : October 22, 2004

“There are days when I tell myself that I'm going to buy a desert island and take all the autistic people in the world to live there with me. “What does pain - ours and theirs - consist of? What differentiates one from the other? What is its real weight? What is the opposite of suffering? Could it be sharing, learning, discovering, and opening new horizons?” writes Howard Buten.

“A fascinating book.” Le Nouvel Observateur

“Beautifully written, in a style that is both poetic and powerful, this is a moving and compassionate work on a difficult, poignant subject. “ Psychologies magazine

Besides being a clinical psychologist, Howard Buten is also a performing artist as the clown-mime Buffo. He is the author of many books, including the highly acclaimed Quand j'avais cinq ans, je m'ai tué (Le Seuil, 1987), which was published in English as When I Was Five I Killed Myself.