Marie-Christine Hardy-Baylé, Patrick Hardy

Manic-Depressive Pierre's Case History Publication date : June 6, 2005

Manic-depressive illness is a relatively unknown disease. It is difficult to count the number of cases in precise way, but many epidemiological studies estimate that more than 1% of the population is affected by it. That is, although we are not manic-depressive ourselves, we all know someone who is. What exactly can we place under this heading ? When reading Pierre's history, we begin to better understand the illness and the precise phases of its development. What signs allow us to recognize a manic-depressive state ? How and why does one become manic-depressive ? Are the causes of the disease genetic or biological ? Can events in the life of the patient or his personality also cause it ? How should the partner of the patient behave during the depressive phase, during the manic phase ? In what cases should the patient be hospitilized without his consent ? What exactly is the "therapeutic accompaniment" proposed as treatment of the disease ? How does the manic-depressive illness evolve with time ? Concise and easy to understand, this book allows us to better comprehend this psychiatric illness and also to dedramatize it.

Marie-Christine Hardy-Baylé and Patrick Hardy are both university professors and clinical psychiatrists.