Tamara Morar

My Victory Over Autism Publication date : January 1, 2004

Tamara Morar gives us here a personal account of how she "cured" her son Paul of autism.
The obstacles that Morar had to overcome were numerous: an allegedly incurable disease, pessimistic doctors and the French educational system which excluded her child. Yet she refused to put Paul in an institution. Drawing on numerous studies by specialists, she developed a method of education and rehabilitation to develop language skills, body consciousness and interaction with others. Intuitively, Morar began simply by trying to capture her son’s attention, putting herself at his level to later lead him to modify his behaviour. Her efforts represent hours of work, sustained by an unusual degree of endurance and perseverance.
Gradually, Paul was metamorphosed, to the surprise of the medical profession. Today, Paul’s cure can be described as almost total. His schooling is normal and he is now only slightly behind his peer group.
This book provides hope for the parents of autistic children. It is also an appeal to treat autism differently, both therapeutically and socially.

Tamara Morar is a translator living in Paris. She was born in 1963 and is married and the mother of two children.