Barbara Donville

Overcoming Autism Publication date : January 12, 2006

Barbara Donville describes the rigorous and demanding method she has developed in the special education of autistic children. It is a method that targets each aspect of autism — echolalia, divided attention, spatial exploration, affective communication, empathy, language disorders — with specific workshops. After explaining each symptom, Donville describes the workshop she has developed to treat it, drawing on concrete cases and results to illustrate how and why it can successfully make the symptom disappear.
Her method relies entirely on the parents, whose task it is to educate their autistic children using the programme she develops for each individual child. She describes here the general tone of these programmes and shows their relevance and validity.
This is a particularly moving book, offering parents a methodology that fully implicates them and gives them hope.

Barbara Donville is a psychologist whose career has been dedicated to the education of autistic children, starting with her own son whom she helped to become a brilliant student at the Lycée Condorcet, one of Paris’ top high schools. She has since directed the education of over fifty autistic children.