Claude Olievenstein

Paranoia Publication date : September 1, 2002

“To a greater or lesser extent, we all know that we are paranoid; and our paranoia may take major or minor forms. Who has not imagined becoming master of the universe? Who has not fantasised a thousand tortures for real or imagined enemies? Who has not been driven by jealousy or passion to interpret information, refused to see a lover’s faults and become overprotective? (...) It depends on very little whether these fears remain under control and produce positive results — or lead to murders, dramatic situations, or dictatorships. It is these minor incidents that I have tried to track down, describe and understand.” Claude Olievenstein

Claude Olievenstein is the founder of the Centre Médical Marmottan in Paris, and a world renowned specialist in the treatment of substance abuse. He is the author of many works, including Le Non-dit des émotions; La Drogue, 30 ans après ; and Naissance de la vieillesse (all three published by Editions Odile Jacob).