Bernard Granger

Psychiatry Today From Diagnosis to Treatment Publication date : January 1, 2003

Written by France’s most renowned specialists in psychiatry, this authoritative book covers recent developments in the field. It reviews the current state of knowledge about major mental pathologies and disorders in children, teenagers and adults; the methods used in diagnosis; and various types of treatment.

Adults: the process of diagnosis and classification of disorders (B. Granger); epidemiology (F. Rouillon); cognitive psychology and psychopathology (A. Plagnol); quantitative psychopathology (R. Dardennes); imagery of the brain (J.-L. Martinot); genetic studies (M. Leboyer) and their juridical and medico-legal aspects (C. Jonas); mood-related disorders (M. Bourgeois); schizophrenia (C.-S. Peretti); psychotic disorders (P. Gorwood); general anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia (A. Pelissolo); social and specific phobias (D. Servant); psychotraumatic syndromes (P. Louville); compulsive-obsessive disorders (F. Lamagnère); alcoholism, substance abuse, addictive types of behaviour (M. Lejoyeux); somatoform disorders (J. Grémion); dissociative disorders (Q. Debray); sexual disorders (F. Thibault); personality disorders (E. Pham); chemotherapy and biological therapies (B. Granger); psychotherapies and sociotherapies (O. Cambon).

Children and adolescents: behavioural disorders (M.-C. Nedey-Sayag); anxiety disorders (C. Martin); depressive disorders (J.-P. Réneric); autism and development disorders (D. Sauvage); addictive forms of behaviour (D. Bailly); eating disorders (C. Vindreau); sleep disorders, tics, enuresis and encopresis (M. Lencedreux); the main procedures of treatment (A. Baghdadli); research perspectives (M.-C. Mouren-Siméoni).

Professor Bernard Granger is head of Psychiatry at Hôpital Necker, in Paris.