Corinne Gal

Psychodrama: As Powerful an Experience as Life Itself Publication date : February 17, 2016

Corinne Gal is a clinical psychologist and a recognised expert in psychodrama. Besides teaching at University of Montpellier-III, she has led psychodrama sessions for 24 years at the psychotherapy centre of Saint-Martin de Vignogoul (Hérault, France). She contributes regularly to scientific publications.

Psychodrama is a form of group therapy led by a trained psychologist in which patients relive and recreate painful situations in their lives. It is a therapeutic method that has been shown to be effective in the treatment of patients who find facing the real word exceedingly difficult. In addition, psychodrama therapy has helped patients suffering from schizophrenia, serious neuroses and psychoses become more open and receptive to life.
In this book, Corinne Gal, an acknowledged specialist in psychodrama, opens the doors of her practice and shows the reader how the sessions she leads unfold. Spontaneity, creativity and the participation of other members of the group are the wellsprings of this unique, active therapy based on role-playing and interaction.
Psychodrama goes beyond simple verbalisation. It shows that to change, and to overcome certain fears, the participation of others is essential. Psychodrama can and does change lives.

• This book illustrates the specific qualities of psychodrama and how they affect patients suffering from mental disorders.
• A clearly written, detailed work for psychologists, healthcare professionals, as well as the general reader interested in different forms or therapy.
• Clear descriptions of sessions and progressive explanations make this book widely accessible.