Patrick Lemoine

The Psychological Health of Those Who Made the World Publication date : May 22, 2019

Patrick Lemoine is a psychiatrist. A sleep specialist and neuroscientist, associate professor at the University of Beijing, he is the author of thirty books, including Le Mystère du placebo.
The personalities, the psychic health of those who made History.
Contemporary medicine is increasingly asking questions about the function of the various types of personalities that exist within humanity. If we examine the psychic health of those who have made the world, we must indeed recognize that with very few exceptions, many of those people had a personality that any psychiatrist would call “dark.”

Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc, Charles V, Catherine of Russia, Marie-Antoinette, Robespierre, Napoléon, Winston Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, and even Jesus… what does a psychiatrist make of these great historical figures? What is his diagnosis? How did their psyche influence their destiny?

An enthralling plunge into the psyche of great, powerful people.