Nicolas Franck

Schizophrenia Publication date : November 9, 2006

This books aims to help us understand schizophrenia and the treatment of schizophrenia.
Schizophrenics' erratic behaviour and apparently meaningless speech can be extremely bewildering for their family and friends. Schizophrenics hear voices when no one has uttered a word, they make bizarre statements and they are not always capable of dealing with daily life. They also experience great difficulties in communicating what they feel.
The information provided here will help readers understand what leads schizophrenics to behave and talk as they do.
Since the enigma of schizophrenia has been largely elucidated, the treatment of the disease has made considerable progress. What are the factors that can help patients recover their earlier, healthy state? What can friends and family do? How do the different types of therapeutics work?
The treatment of schizophrenia is hindered by the numerous taboos and misconceptions that surround it. People are frightened by the vision of madness that schizophrenia still evokes. By focusing on spectacular, violent acts committed by schizophrenics, the media tend to convey a disturbing and unrealistic image of the disease.
Increased knowledge about schizophrenia and improved treatment must be used to ensure that cases of schizophrenia do not remain unidentified for years.
Writing in a clear, accessible style, Nicolas Franck provides the latest scientific information on schizophrenia, for patients, their families and the general reader with no scientific background.

Nicolas Franck is a professor of medicine at Claude-Bernard-Lyon I University and a psychiatrist at the Centre Hospitalier Le Vinatier. He heads a research team working on schizophrenia at the Institut des Sciences Cognitives of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).