Franck Lamagnère

So, Is It OCD or Not? Recognising the Disorder and Helping Sufferers Publication date : February 3, 2016

Franck Lamagnère is a psychiatrist and an acknowledged expert on OCD. The author of an earlier book on the subject, Manies, peurs et idées fixes (Retz, 1994), he teaches how to treat OCD at Paris-Descartes University and at the French Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy (AFTCC). He intervenes frequently on the subject in major French media. Editions Odile Jacob published his previous work, Je n’ai pas peur du jugement des autres.

More than two million people in France suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, in the broadest sense of the term. OCD is characterised by obsessions (uncontrollable, unwanted, distracting thoughts and images) and compulsions (behaviours that sufferers feel driven to repeat over and over again). It is a serious, disabling disorder that can ruin lives.
OCD does not always receive adequate treatment since it is easily misdiagnosed because its symptoms fit other pathologies. In some cases, OCD is ignored because sufferers tell themselves that it is ‘normal’ to have distressing thoughts and fears or to feel compelled to perform repetitive acts.
How to distinguish between what is ‘normal’ and what isn’t? Besides repetitive washing and excessive double-checking, what other forms does this protean disorder take? How to make sure that the correct diagnosis is made? How to identify the disorder in a loved one?
Based on more than thirty years’ experience working with OCD patients, the author has established a new classification that will enable readers to better understand this puzzling disorder. In addition, he has reviewed countless case histories to determine the most effective treatments.

• A veritable encyclopaedia of obsessive-compulsive disorders.
• The clinical and therapeutic experience of a recognised OCD specialist.
• The latest reference book on OCD for patients, their families and carers.