Bruno Fallisard

Treating Children’s Psychological Suffering Publication date : February 12, 2020

Bruno Falissard is a child psychiatrist, professor of public health, director of an INSERM research lab in epidemiology, a member of the French National Academy of Medicine, and former president of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
How can one manage psychological problems in children and adolescents?
How does one treat psychological problems in children? What role should psychiatry play in managing them? Whom should parents consult? Because they often feel lost in the face of the more or less serious difficulties their child might be experiencing.
When we talk about a child’s psychological problems, what does that mean? Some wonder whether hyperactivity is a psychiatric disorder. Is that true? Parents of autistic children no longer know where to seek treatment for their children…
In this book, Bruno Falissard, child psychiatrist and head of research, using examples from clinical sessions, aims to pinpoint what is unique about child psychiatry, to explain what it treats and the tools it uses. His goal: to help parents and care-givers understand the role of child psychiatry in preventing psychological problems in children. In addition, this is a profound and lucid reflection on the means a society uses to treat and protect its children.