Anita Phillips

A Defence of Masochism Translated from the English by Anouck Neuhoff. Publication date : June 1, 1999

“Running a marathon
Harbouring the fantasy of being raped
Eating a painfully spicy meal in an Indian restaurant
Writing a university thesis
Feeling constantly overcome with a desire to be altruistic
Happily allowing a woman wearing sharp heels to tread on your chest
Being passionately in love with someone who isn’t even aware that you exist
Swimming in the North sea at the end of November
Imagining yourself in the missionary position with a sumo wrestler

For all the above, it is said that one has to be a “maso”.
This is what I myself thought before writing this book.
Now I know better. I know what real masochism is.”

Writer, editor and animator for a literary publication, Anita Phillips gives art classes in several English universities.