Guy Bodenmann

A Happy Couple Publication date : March 1, 2003

Do you always feel rushed? Are you bad-tempered at work? Do you get upset about minor problems? Do you often feel tired? Do you wish you could stop bringing work home and have an evening for yourself? Do you wish you could stop taking things out on your partner? And, finally, do you wish you had more quality time to devote to your couple?

If your answer to all or some of these question was yes, Guy Bodenmann suggests that you should learn to handle stress — your own, first of all, but also your partner’s and finally the stress within your couple.

In just over 200 pages, the author provides a complete plan of action for today’s high-strung couples. He shows how to distinguish between different types of stress — between the day-to-day and the exceptional, between the useless and the inevitable. Through progressive, carefully-tailored exercises, Bodenmann shows readers, as individuals and as couples, how to manage the concrete situations that so often lie at the heart of crises and can ultimately lead to the breakdown of the couple.

Couples who follow these guidelines will be grateful that they did.

Guy Bodenmann is a renowned specialist in problems concerning couples and stress. He is the director of the Institut de la Famille at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, where he also teaches clinical psychology.