Maurice Corcos

An Anorexia Primer Publication date : April 1, 2020

How can we grasp the nature of this behavioral disorder, which still afflicts many young girls, but also boys?

Professor Corcos, with extensive clinical experience working with adolescents, offers a work with a very original design that enables us to better understand anorexia in its complexity.

Anorexia cannot be reduced to a pathological relationship with food. It is much more than that. A sort of prism that enables one to grasp all that is at play unconsciously or overtly in adolescence, in the structuring of the personality and the management of emotions.

The book’s 80 thematic entries (from A – sexual Abuse or Amitiés/Friendships or Asceticism, to V -- Void/Emptiness) are as many doors that open onto this disorder, which has multiple dimensions and implications. This approach shows the wealth of the attention psychoanalysis brings to an understanding of psychic conflicts at play in adolescence.

Understanding anorexia better in order to treat it better.