Serge Lebovici

The Baby, the Psychoanalyst and the Metaphor Presented by Bernard Golse Edited by Bernard Golse, Marianne Rabain-Lebovici and Véronique Lemaître. Bibliography of Serge Lebovici established by Colette Chiland. Publication date : January 1, 2002

This is Serge Lebovici's last work, written shortly before his death.
Edited and reviewed with his family's permission by his daughter and two close colleagues, this exceptional document traces the history of metaphor as a concept and shows why it is the keystone of psychic ontogenesis and of all therapeutic activity. According to Lebovici, the study of the concept of metaphor as it relates to infant psychiatry and child psychoanalysis can teach us a great deal about the subjective, symbolic and semiotic processes in human beings. This dense, moving text will serve as Lebovici's intellectual legacy. It will stand as a testimony to the power of his ideas and their comprehensive depth, as well as to his great interest in infants and young children.

A psychoanalyst, and professor of child and adolescent psychology, Serge Lebovici was the president of the International Psychoanalytical Society.