Stéphanie Hahusseau

How Not to Endure Any Longer Deconditioning Oneself from One’s Past Publication date : September 12, 2018

Stéphanie Hahusseau is a psychiatrist, integrative psychotherapist, and specialist in emotions. She is the author of Tristesse, peur, colère. Agir sur ses émotions (2006), Comment ne pas se gâcher la vie (2003), and Petit Guide de l’amour heureux (2010).
Not knowing how to handle one’s emotions, having the feeling that no matter what you do, you never succeed, not seeing how to escape a situation, always coming up against the same problems, especially where emotions are concerned…
Such thoughts which are shared by many women are often associated with psychic or physical issues: a lack of self-confidence,
addiction, bulimia, hyperactivity, depression... Why do women (most often) have that feeling of just enduring their lives?
Stéphanie Hahusseau proposes a self-care program through mindfulness and breathing in order to return to the roots of the problem. To modify the way in which one perceives oneself – this is the goal of the approach Hahusseau offers.
And it begins with an examination of some perceptions one has of one’s childhood.
Supported by her clinical work and on numerous studies, Stéphanie Hahusseau shows the importance of examining a number of common symptoms from the perspective of a repressed trauma. All the hidden results of abuse lead to a loss of self-confidence and to
the feeling that one’s life has been wasted. It is never too late to free oneself from the past, recover psychic peace, and change the course of one’s life. To decondition oneself from one’s past, to no longer just endure one’s life.