Danièle Brun

The Imprint of the Familial Body Memory of Scars Publication date : March 20, 2019

Danièle Brun is a psychoanalyst, a member of Espace analytique [psychoanalytic training center], and professor emeritus at the Université Paris-Diderot, where in 2001 she founded the Centre de recherche en psychanalyse, médecine et société. She is president of the Société de médecin et psychanalyse. She is the author of best-selling works, including Une part de soi dans la vie des autres; La Passion; and L’insidieuse Malfaisance du père [any English editions?]

A novel look at the family.

What can the scars we have on our bodies tell us? For Danièle Brun, who works on the subconscious mechanisms that structure the individual, they are like entryways to our memory. They enable us to remember forgotten moments or events in our childhood and to thereby access our family history, and more precisely what the author calls the familial body. That sort of invisible framework that leaves its mark on each of us. That imprint isn’t summed up by the transferal of education or educational values; it relates to the unconscious transferal of all that occurs in a family in an invisible way, and which each individual carries within: his or her place in the family structure, in familial desires, of being a gender desired or not by one’s parents or family, one’s role in the family pecking order…

A novel look at the family and the unconscious networks that travel through us, model us, and question us.