Jacques Montangero

Know Yourself Better Through Dream Interpretation Publication date : March 22, 2007

How are dreams elaborated? How do dreams relate to the waking brain? Does dreaming play an important role in adaptation? These are some of the questions that Jacques Montangéro asks here. He also develops an accurate new method of dream analysis, which does not simply enjoin us to use ready-made concepts but shows us how to analyse dreams pragmatically.
How can we use dreams to further personal development? The author shows how dream analysis can serve to enhance self-knowledge and to correct inappropriate reactions or a biased appraisal of information.

Based on numerous case studies and the most recent research, this is an original cognitive conception of dream psychology which also seriously questions the psychoanalytic approach.
Dreams remain a highly intriguing subject: How do dreams, and their amazing scripts, work? What lies behind them? How can we interpret them? Can we benefit from dream interpretation?

Jacques Montangéro is a psychologist and psychotherapist working in Switzerland. He is an honorary professor at the University of Geneva and the author of Rêve et cognition (1999) and Piaget ou l’intelligence en marche (with D. Maurice, 1993).