François Roustang

Learning to Be Free Spoken and Written Words (1964-2016) Publication date : October 5, 2022

François Roustang (1923-2016) led a radical reflection on the conditions of change. As a dissident psychoanalysis therapist and firm opponent of cognitive-behavioural therapies, his work focused on the benefits of hypnosis to produce a profound change in the way people view themselves and the world. His bestselling trilogy La Fin de la plainte, Il suffit d’un geste and Savoir attendre, have placed him among the most original authors in France in his field.

This book is a compilation of François Roustang’s unpublished writings and lectures, bearing witness to his extraordinary intellectual career. The texts are classified by period, following the evolution of his personal and therapeutic approach, and introduced by exclusive interviews conducted by his colleague Emmanuel Soutrenon, in which François Roustang comments on the inner journey that led him away from the priesthood, then from Lacanian psychoanalysis, before exploring new ways of healing with Ericksonian hypnosis.
An extremely rich volume that highlights François Roustang’s original contributions to psychotherapy and his radical search for an effective approach to help patients. His texts explore the definition of the unconscious, the status of psychoanalysis, the nature and evolution of the transference relationship, the relationship between transference and hypnosis, the benefits and effectiveness of hypnotherapy, a critical reflection on the role and practice of therapists, etc.
A collection of texts introduced and edited by Jean-Marc Benhaiem, Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen, Leo Botton, Sylvie Le Pelletier-Beaufond, Claude Romano and Eve-Alice Roustang.