Catherine Morin

Man and his brain Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience Publication date : February 22, 2017

Catherine Morin is a former research neurologist at INSERM. She practiced at the Pitié-Sapétrière hospital. She is a member of ALI and the International Society of Neuropsychoanalysis. She lives in Paris.

What complementarity is possible between psychoanalysts and neuroscientists, and how can they improve their interaction in order to provide better care?
That is the whole point of this book that seeks to build a bridge between two disciplines that are both interested in the patient's brain. The one, by exploring language; the other, the cerebral structures and diseases of the nervous system.
Is a complementarity of these disciplines possible? Is it necessary for an analyst to know normal and pathological cerebral function? Can an analyst recognise that psychological symptoms could be caused by cerebral dysfunction? Can familial or social dysfunctions induce disturbances in relating to the Other capable of affecting cerebral development?
An essential reflection on how to treat mental disturbances and how to care for patients by getting as close as possible to their unique experience. By technical solutions and cerebral imaging, or by the power of the language of psychoanalysis? No doubt one does not work without the other.