Dan Kiley

The Peter Pan Syndrome (Coll. Opus) The men who refuse to grow up Publication date : October 1, 1996

According to Dan Kiley, there are hundreds and thousands of men the world over who refuse to grow up; even when they reach a mature age, they are incapable of facing their responsibilities and of getting in touch with their profound feelings and their real emotions. Egocentric and narcissistic, they feign gaiety, nonchalance, and happiness, and try to hide from others 'as well as from themselves' the cracks that appear on their seductive facade. Kiley calls this 'disorder' the Peter Pan syndrome, in remembrance of the tiny man-child in the green hat, who tried to escape from real life and sought to find, in Wendy, the dangerous protection of an overly maternal woman whose contact he nonetheless avoided. The Peter Pan Syndrome has become a reference work. It will help readers to better understand a certain type of male-female relationship, which tends to generate frustration, suffering, failure and anger.

'Dan Kiley explains in a very clear and didactic manner what he means by a 'Peter Pan man', and gives the key to comprehend this behaviour pattern. He offers precise recommendations that are addressed to all of us.'
Journal du Médecin

Doctor Dan Kiley is a practising psychologist.