Darian Leader

Promises Lovers Make When It Gets Late Sex, Love and Fidelity Publication date : May 1, 1999

At the beginning of a new relationship, who is the first to vow eternal love and fidelity: the man or the woman? According to Darian Leader, men are generally the first to make such promises, while women tend to avoid them for the simple reason that every love vow seems to acknowledges the possibility of a break-up. So why, asks the author, are men preyed upon by so many doubts in the early days of a relationship? Leader attempts to answer this and other questions by drawing on numerous examples from daily life, as well as from films and novels. He continues the investigation, begun in his previous book, A quoi penses-tu? Les incertitudes de l’amour, on the differences between men and women, and tries to explain why love is not always eternal.Darian Leader, a practising psychoanalyst and teacher, is based in London and Leeds. He is the author of A quoi penses-tu? Les incertitudes de l’amour, published by Editions Odile Jacob, 1997.