Dominique Miller

Psychoanalysis and Life Publication date : January 13, 2005

What goes wrong when everything seems to go wrong? What should you do to feel better? Should you seek at all costs to identify the problem as quickly as possible and then do your utmost to eradicate it? Should you, on the contrary, take your time to understand what happened to you at that moment in your life, and examine what caused the pain and hurt?
In this book, Dominique Miller recounts the itineraries of several men and women who consulted her because they felt they had chosen the wrong path and were missing out on life. Through the case studies of Martine, Sophie, Michel and Thomas, she shows how psychotherapy can help ordinary people review their strategies and, in ways that had seemed unimaginable at first, make a creative tool out of what had gone wrong in their lives.
She argues that far from being a handicap, our inner difficulties may often help to galvanise us into action, making us take part in society, instead of remaining confined to the circumscribed universe of our neuroses.
In this paradoxical vision of what ultimately structures our inner selves and hampers us in our existence, Dominique Miller shows us how to live fuller lives. Although none of us can get rid of our inner ghosts because they are an intrinsic part of who we are, we can learn to live with them or, better yet, understand how to control them. Her thesis is a celebration of singularity in which each symptom is given its own role.

Dominique Miller is a clinical psychologist, a psychoanalyst and the director of the Freudian College. She is the co-author with Gérard Miller of Psychanalyse 6 heures 1/4, published by Editions du Seuil, 1990.