Darian Leader

What are you thinking about ? The incertitudes of love Translated from the English by Élisabeth Doisneau. Publication date : November 1, 2001

Why do we frequently ask our partner, “What are you thinking about?” Why do women keep their love letters in their dressers with their clothing, while men place them with the rest of their mail? Why does a woman decide not to spend the night with a man after simply seeing his appartment, which in the man's opinion is perfectly clean? These are just a few of the questions posed in this book, which examines the differences between men and women. Though Darian Leader sees irreconciliable differences between the sexes and believes that desire is rarely connected with the person one loves, this exploration of the hesitations, incertitudes, and faux-pas of love provide an optomism and a better comprehension of the other sex. With references and influences from sources as varied as Freud, Lacan, film, literature, and his own personal experience as a psychoanalyst, Darian Leader explores and explains the sentiments and motivations of both sexes.

Darian Leader is a psychoanalyst. He practices and teaches in London and Leeds.