Darian Leader

What are you thinking about ? (Coll. Opus) The incertitudes of love Translated from the English by Élisabeth Doisneau. Publication date : April 1, 1998

Why is it that women often keep their love letter in their clothes drawers whereas men class them with the rest of their correspondance ? Why is it that woman might decide not to spend the night with a man after seeing his apartment - which is simply unimaginable for a man ? And why do we so often end up asking one another : "What are you thinking about ?" Such are some of the questions asked by this essay consecrated to the differences between men and women. If Darian Leader concludes that there is a certain solitude which is essential to each of the sexes and considers that desire is never really addressed to the person we love but rather to something much bigger than he or she, this stroll among the hesitations, the faux-pas and the incertitudes of everyday love is indeed an optimistic contribution to better understanding the desire of the Other. Through little insights, both alert and educated, taking their sources from Freud and Lacan as well as from the cinema, literature and his own experience as a psychoanalyst, Darian Leader paints a subtle, enriching and dedramatized portrait of the sentimental motivations of the two sexes.

Darian Leader is a psychoanalyst. He practices and teaches in London and in Leeds. He also regularly collaborates with the French Red Cross.