Claude Olievenstein

What the Emotions Don't Express Publication date : October 1, 2000

Somewhere in the grey area between secrecy and implication lie the emotions we do not express. By their very nature, these cannot be defined or grasped. The existence of this inexpressible part of ourselves, based on a tacit understanding, functions as a defence mechanism. It is our private area of freedom, of internal dialogue with ourselves; it represents life itself. It is the reply that each one of us gives to the thousand situations that arise in our lives. It is the most immediate expression of emotion that we have at our disposal. Claude Olievenstein's book goes beyond psychoanalysis and casts a new light on many aspects of our individual and collective behaviour, on our myths and rites, on what is sacred, as well as on daily life.

'This is a densely rich book which should be highly recommended.' La Recherche

'The work of a psychologist who seeks to interpret the hidden messages in our most spontaneous, least voluntary and seemingly most silent forms of behaviour.'Télérama

Claude Olievenstein is the head doctor of the Centre Médical Marmottan in Paris, and director of research at the University of Lyon. He is a world renowned specialist in the treatment of substance addiction.